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A simple tool that does all the research for your startup fundraising.

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getpantom gives you back time

How much time are you spending while fundraising?

Curating a list of Investors
How do I start a long list of investors?
Check investors one by one
Is there a fit for ticket size, industry focus, previous investments?
Finding a reason for interest
Why would the investor be interested in investing?
Trying to contact the investor
How can I catch the investor's attention to get a first call?
Product Features

We do the research. You focus on the outreach.

Not just an INvestor list

Highly Personalized Sharable Investor List

Generate a personalized investor list in minutes, featuring tailored reasons for each investor's interest, outreach messages, and all essential contact details.

"Creating your own investor list takes too much time, it can be done faster."
Co-Founder at getpantom
introduction route

Tailored Introduction Route

Find the best contact for an easy introduction to the right investor. For each investor we identify, we also find you a relevant portfolio founder to contact. With our specialized approach, you can achieve up to an 80% higher response rate.

"Cold outreach is hard, that's why we help you to find a personal intro route to all your investors."
Co-Founder at getpantom
about getpantom

Get Ready for the Investor Outreach, Fast!

Are you tired of spending hours on researching each investor and building your list by hand? With getpantom you get:

Spend 95% less time on investor research
< 5 Min.
Take less than 5 minutes to tell us about your company and get your results
> 200k Investors
Access our free investor table with over 200,000 investors just by signing up
2 Mio. Deals
Our premium service sorts through 2 million venture deals to find your perfect investors
"getpantom is for teams that care about being fast"
Co-Founder at getpantom
How it works

Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3...

1. Tell us about you and your company
Fill out a form that takes less than 5 minutes. This is the only step that you have to do in order to get your list.

2. Get your investor list with a personal intro route
Get a personalized list of investors, their past investments with synergies to you, a highly personalized reason for interest, an outreach message, and contact details.
3. Reach out and start pitching
Coming soon: Manage all your connections and reach out directly from our platform, whether through cold outreach or with an intro from a familiar contact.
Pricing Plan

Simple, affordable pricing.

Best for early stage startups that want to get a rough overview.
Gain access to basic information on over 200k investors.
Includes description, social links, industry-focus, stage-focus, geo-focus
Get Free Investor Database
In only under 24 hours, get your tailored investor list and start investor outreach!
50 Investor Leads/Week
AI-Targeted, high-value leads
Exclusive Dataset for AI-Tailored Results
Based on 200k investors & 2M deals
Investor Match Reasons
Sharp reasons for potential interest for each investor
Personalized Messages
Custom outreach messages for each investor
Complete Outreach Contact Info
Emails & LinkedIn of investors and their portfolio-founders
Boost Response by 70%
Unique methods for higher engagement
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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does getpantom do?
getpantom connects startups with relevant investors, generates personalized reasons for outreach, finds the best intro routes, and automates the investor outreach process.
How does getpantom save time for startups?
It provides a curated list of investors, finds the best intro routes, generates personalized outreach emails, and automates the outreach process, reducing manual research and effort.
What is an intro route, and how does getpantom help with that?
An intro route is a connection to an investor through a mutual contact, such as a portfolio founder. getpantom automates finding intro routes, increasing the chances of a successful introduction.
Does getpantom generates impersonal, automated messages to investors?
No, getpantom generates highly personalized outreach emails based on investor interests, which you can review and edit before sending.
Do I need getpantom if I have a strong network of investors?
getpantom can help identify additional investors outside your network, find the best intro routes, and increase the efficiency of outreach, making it a valuable tool even with a strong network.
Is getpantom worth the cost?
getpantom saves time, effort, and increases chances of pitching more and researching less, making it a worthwhile investment for many startups.

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