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Find Your Perfect Investor Match

Discover investors with a proven track record in your geography, industry and stage.
Step 2

Identify the individuals to reach out to with verified contact data

Now you can get all the information you need to contact the investor, including emails and LinkedIn.
Step 3

Generate Tailored Outreach Messages

Pitch messages that resonate with each investor's unique interests and preferences
Step 2

getpantom's AI speeds up the whole process

Quickly generate a hyper-targeted investor list by answering a few questions. This list includes tailored reasons why each investor matches your needs, details of relevant companies they've funded, their contact details, and personalized message templates.
Investor Profiles

to easily build your highly targeted lists in minutes
Deals Analyzed

to provide you with the most relevant investors for your startup
Less Time

on investor research by leveraging our AI matching

in response rates with a proven tactic to get your pitch noticed and increase engagement
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Investor Data Pro
Accelerate your fundraising with targeted investor outreach
€29.99 / month
Connect with 200,000+ investors
Gain insights from over 2M+ historical transactions
Filter investors by geography, industry, and stage preferences
Access verified email and LinkedIn contact information
Personalize outreach with AI-powered message tailoring
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Investor Match AI
getpantom's AI speeds up fundraising reasearch ⚡
In minutes, get your hyper-targeted investor list.
€20/ per each 10 hyper-targeted Investors
Receive hyper-targeted investor leads
Discover the reason why each investor is a perfect match
Explore relevant portfolio companies they've funded
Utilize a set of personalized outreach messages
Access verified investor and portfolio founder contacts
Access to our founder community with weekly office hours
Boost response rates by 70% using a proven tactic to get your pitch noticed and increase engagement
Anytime one on one coffee chat with the founder of getpantom
Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does getpantom differ from other fundraising platforms?
getpantom leverages AI and data science to intelligently match you with the most suitable investors.

Unlike traditional platforms, our advanced algorithms analyze over 50 million data points to uncover deep insights and identify the "non-obvious" matches that are most likely to lead to successful investment.

We prioritize privacy, discretion, and efficiency, creating a smarter, faster, and more effective fundraising experience that sets us apart in the market.
How does getpantom ensure the privacy and discretion of my fundraising efforts?
Discretion and privacy are at the core of our values. We understand the sensitive nature of fundraising and the need for confidentiality. With getpantom, your information stays private, and nothing becomes public unless you choose to share it.

We provide you with everything you need to contact the right investors, while keeping your strategy private, and you can connect with investors without your pitch deck being shared in unwanted places.
What kind of companies and founders is getpantom best suited for?
We work with early-stage companies seeking the "smart money" – investors who bring not just capital but also deep industry knowledge and valuable resources.

If you're a founder looking to connect with investors who can help you refine your concept, build your team, and bring your product to market, getpantom is the platform for you.
What kind of investors can I expect to connect with through getpantom?
Our platform includes Strategic Investors, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Corporate Venture Capitalists, Angel Networks, Accelerators/ Incubators, and Family Offices who are seeking the most promising opportunities.

We focus on finding for you the non-obvious investors who deeply understand your industry, have a track record of backing similar ideas, and possess the resources and expertise to help.
How does getpantom's AI-driven approach ensure the most relevant investor matches?
Our proprietary AI algorithm is the powerhouse behind getpantom's intelligent matchmaking. It analyzes vast amounts of qualitative data, including investor preferences, past investments, industry expertise, and founder profiles, to identify the most promising matches.

The AI goes beyond surface-level criteria, considering factors such as investment style, risk appetite, and strategic fit to provide you with a curated list of investors who are most likely to be interested in your project.

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